Макеты для детского сада в р-не Северное Измайлово

Макет выполнен для проекта детского сада на 125 мест в районе Северное Измайлово.

The shape of the building, a long rectangle in plan, is dictated by the constraint urban development. The elevation is made of stained-glass and bricks. The main theme of stained glass panels is the lilac Red Moscow in full bloom, a characteristic plant naturally growing in this area. The other part of the elevation is made of three-dimensional structural masonry of white concrete bricks. It is contrast to translucent structures. The parapethas a complicated profile, repeating the skyline of the surrounding buildings. The interior of the building is designed compact, comfortable and intuitively clear for kids and adults. The walls can be transformed. The rooms have a simple and stylish design matching the colors of the facade. Everywhere there is maximum natural light.



Фанера, эпоксидная смола, сухоцветы, сусальное золото, клей, светодиодные лампы
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