Radisson Blu Moscow Riverside Hotel & Spa

Pre-project solutions for the Radisson Blu Moscow hotel complex. Open international competition.

The design of the main building is a V-shaped view of the planet with a maximum high-rise volume of 19 floors.

Pre-project solutions for the building provide 200 short-stay hotel rooms and 150 long-stay rooms. The rooms are designed with maximum opening to beautiful views and have loggias or terraces. Project decisions are made to organize a river transport berth and from the side of the pier, the building has an entrance group for guests.

The hotel complex includes a multifunctional hall, a SPA-center (including a swimming pool and a beauty salon), a business center, offices, restaurants, and shops.

The figurative and coloristic solution of the facades is made in three versions, taking into account the location of the projected complex at the confluence of two rivers and takes into account the urban significance of the future complex for the panorama:

Option 1 - futuristic - an ocean superliner from the side of the river and a rock from the side of the city;

Option 2 - classic - a white steamer from the side of the river and a lighthouse on the arrow of two rivers from the side of the city;

Option 3 - surreal (mirage) - an old ship from the side of the river and a sailing regatta from the side of the city

Russia, Moscow, Volokolamsk highway, 81/2
Land area
2,773 ha
Built area
6481,00 m²
Total area
46976,05 m²
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