Kindergartens with unlimited possibilities

In an interview, Olga Bumagina gave five important tips when designing social buildings.

1. There should be a general urban planning approach. It is necessary to design a social building at the same time as a residential one. Otherwise, a large number of problems arise, which in the new areas, at least, could be avoided.

2. An architect should also develop an interior solution for standard projects. Unexpectedly for ourselves, we found out that going through all the approvals is not the main problem. The main problem is when the manager of a new garden begins to command in what color to paint the walls and which curtains to hang. All this, unfortunately, also comes out. In general, we always include interior solutions in the project, but we do not have levers of pressure on representatives of the Department of Education, and we cannot force them to follow our project.

3. Typical design may be correct as an idea, but for each situation and set of conditions, a typical project needs to be adapted. For example, we don't have the same projects. They differ in facades, entrance groups, even layouts. Regulations change almost every year, some special wishes from the customer may arise in the technical task. There must be development – otherwise it will turn out like with those projects of the 80s.

4. New functional concepts are needed for quarterly development. For example, we have already offered several options for built-in gardens on the first floors of buildings. Embeddedness requires new planning solutions. We came up with the idea of separating the sleeping and playing areas with a sliding partition and turning one into the other while awake: compactly move the beds along the walls so that there is free space in the middle. We want to go to Moscow State Expertise with this.

5. In schools, it is possible to separate the educational part from the public – concert, sports and dance halls, swimming pools, libraries, Internet clubs. We made such a project just in Zagorye – with separate entrances. Now, in the evenings and on weekends, the school will turn into a district leisure center.

The entire text of the interview is on the portal of the Architectural Council of Moscow.

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