Зодчество | 2015

The architectural studio PROJECT-REALIZATION received the Golden Badge award of the Architectural Collectives and Workshops competition of the international festival "Зодчество 2015" in the nomination "Bureaus, Studios, Workshops".

PROJECT-REALIZATION presented several projects at once:

- Rasskazovka school for 1650 children

- Kindergarten Rasskazovka for 350 children

- Moscovskiy school for 1375 children

- Kindergarten Moskovskyij for 250 children

- Kindergarten Desenovskoye for 350 children

- Zagorye school for 825 children

- Kindergarten Zagorye for 350 children

- Nizhegorodskaya primary school for 300 children

- Kindergarten Svoboda for 250 children

- Kindergarten Beskudnikovo for 300 children

- Kindergarten Zarechye for 150 children

- Zarechye school for 825 children

- Kindergarten Zverevo for 190 children

The architectural studio received two diplomas from the Union of Architects of Russia at once: a school for 825 children and a kindergarten for 350 children in the Zagorye district became laureates of the international festival "Зодчество 2015" in the nomination: Object of social and cultural purpose.

Russia, Moscow
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