Japanese kindergarten
in the complex New Vatutinki | 350

The kindergarten is designed to reflect the culture of Japan and China in the architectural landscape of Moscow. The capacious kindergarten for 350 children has the shape of a “broken” rectangle in the plan. This form allows, with maximum compactness, to achieve the best insolation mode for group cells with a wide orientation angle. The site for the construction of a preschool educational institution is located in the "new territories of the city of Moscow." On the site are located: - the main projected building; - zone of the playing area (group playgrounds with shady canopies; common sports ground); - an economic platform with a place for loading a food unit and a garbage collector; - platforms for the entrance and turn of ambulances; - landscaped area, including trees and shrubs. The facades are designed in an oriental style.

Fiber cement boards for cutting as part of the "curtain facade" system make it possible to achieve a mosaic pattern, the image is not "drawn" on the facade - it is its constructive part. Panels of glossy black granite were used for the facing of the basement, which gives rigor and elegance to the building.

Russia, Moscow, Desenovskoye, village Desna
АО Инвесттраст
2014 - 2019
Land area
1,0406 ha
Built area
2076,20 m²
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