Venice Architecture Biennale 2021

Architecture around us as a space to cooperate.

Today there are a lot of barriers such as religion, politics, national traditions, level of education, that divide people. Sometimes we do not even have a reason and desire to start a dialog. Every person lives in his own closed inner world and sees everyone who is different as an enemy.

We believe that architecture is the instrument to help people communicate with one another and start a dialog about common human values and benefits, not the differences and inequalities.

We need to create spaces for meeting, cooperating and learning together, such as schools. School is a unique space, which plays an important role in our lives. We came here at first as a little child to learn, than as a parent to send children to school, and finally, as a grandparent, to pick up grandchildren after school. Kids, parents and teachers work on mistakes step by step, watch progress, enjoy success and celebrate it together. They need spaces to do it. That is why we try to fill our buildings with public spaces, halls and recreations for school events. If we create beautiful meeting points, which can stop people from everyday rush and have a break to think, to admire the starry sky above our heads, to touch trees and to smell flowers, it could be a reason to start a dialog and this is a first step to cooperation.

Not a long time ago, it was difficult to let the sky and nature inside the buildings due to the specifics of materials and weather conditions outside, but today it becomes possible with the help of innovation technologies. Letting the nature outside in the inner space of the building gives us an opportunity to stop, and feel ourselves in harmony with nature and safe.

In the near future, we could extend the limits of a modern school image by using transformation of multi-level spaces, three-dimensional images, by filling it with sounds, changing lights, colors, by controlling the climate on the inside. This new spaces could even make us a feeling being in a garden, or near the sea.

New schools will be like a links of a big chain, made of different spaces, which interacts to each other. Together they create friendly, creative, continuously changing environment. Breathtaking findings of the past and modern scientific and technological discoveries together can make a better future for us and our children. Winter and summer can coexist at the same time in inner greenhouses and open courtyards, where kids and adults can play and relax.

Music halls will also change: they will divide and unite, speak to us different languages, let lights and shadows, playing like music rhythms, in. 

The classrooms will be like molecules, connecting together in a common space, suited for everything and for everyone, without any barriers and restrictions.

With the help of these architectural methods of creating the educational spaces we could establish a dialogue between children, parents and nature. And this will allow them to talk to each other and continue to create a new safe world together.

Italy, Venice
"Time Space Existence". Venice Architecture Biennale 2021
Size L x W x H
4830 x 650 x 3700 mm
Plywood, paperboard, sand, acrylic mosaic, glue, led lamps, acrylic plastic
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