Venice Architecture Biennale 2018

Architecture as a way of life.

The opportunity to do what you love is a dream that fills every person's life with meaning, shows the path to rise talent and give a social role. Every building, private or public is the starting point to make dreams come true. It can be a private house in a neighborhood, owned by a person passionate about his profession. This person, who will open a part of his house to the public and teach children and adults to love art, philosophy, science and craft.

It can be a kindergarten or a primary school with the reflection of creativity of great artists, sculptors and musicians on the facades and interiors of the building, these images will remain in the children's memory forever and influence the new rising genius in art, craft and science.

It can also be an office, or an architectural studio, or a scientific laboratory, including public spaces for brainstorm, meetings and discussions, a real home for employees and their brilliant ideas.  Surrounding social architecture rises talent.  Wishing something is only a beginning of the way. A building is a method to reach the destination. Dreams come true.

We believe that the architect's tools - light, color, volume and space, all the achievements in technologies and materials, as well as our love and dedication to our work will make this dream come true.

This way the red house of Malevich will appear on the neighboring site with the stairs rising diagonally from the sea coast to the library and the observatory on the top floor of the building.

Kindergartens and schools will become culture and science centers of residential quarters: the reflection of creativity of great artists and sculptors will be able to decorate their facades, folk crafts will be revived in their work-rooms, where children, together with teachers, classmates, older friends and parents, get into the magical world of creativity. We know that the atmosphere of creativity will be a motivation for discoveries in educational scientific laboratories in physics, chemistry, biology, and will lay the foundation for the development of philosophy and mathematics.

We think that creatively organized primary and secondary education can create a need for further development - and the university will become a natural continuation of the school moving further along the chosen path of dreams.

Offices, scientific laboratories, theaters, and design and architecture studios will be created as places of realization of a dream. These unique buildings in the context of the place with public places outside introduce a place for communication, transferring experience and creating discussion platforms.

And if all these new buildings appearing in the cities become the centers of attraction and creative growth, we will be able to see the realization of our Architectural dream, which changes people's lives and gives them a chance for a meaningful and bright life.


Italy, Venice
"Time Space Existence". Venice Architecture Biennale 2018
Size L x W x H
4830 x 1300 x 3700 mm
Paperboard, paper, tracing paper, fabric, glue, led lamps
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