Smolnaya preschool | 550

The building includes pre-school and primary blocks and provides the complex development for children. The kinder garden and primary school are the basement of children’s worldview, that’s why we focus on a barrier free, inspiring and flexible space, an equal easiness for everyone.

The educational process is constantly changing. New technologies are emerging, teachers have begun to talk with children, and this friendly dialogue needs a modern space. The desire for creativity, the dream of it - is the main thing which children should receive from adults. Every child dream of adventure. We want to help children find a dream and teach them to follow it to the end, so the architecture of the school building was devoted to the greatest achievement of our time - the conquest of space by man. The object shape symbolizes the "Buran" rushing towards the stars.

The space of the building is designed with the expectation of dynamic, playful forms of interaction of participants in the educational process, so it involves an effective transformation: interactive screens are placed on the internal walls and facade planes, a frame structural system in combination with sliding partitions allows you to combine and delimit rooms depending on the actual needs of students; modular furniture creates comfortable conditions for group and individual development.

Russia, Moscow, Smolnaya district, 61A
2018 - 2022
Land area
1,0413 ha
Built area
3155,50 m²
Total area
9895,83 m²
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