Metro Station Sheremetyevskaya

The idea of ​​architectural and artistic design of Metro Stations Sheremetyevskaya is the image of the Maryina Roshcha district where it settles. The area appeared on the site of a grove cut down for development after the appearance of the Moscow-St. Petersburg highway.

The territory has sharp-cut area planning and scenery from different eras as an stage with industrial zones created during the industrialization of the 30s, passing along the railways and Suschevsky Val Street where a famous Intourist garage settles which has an unique facade designed by Konstantin Melnikov - a diagonal flying upwards divides the front into two parts and a large round window; with Maryinsky department store - a masterpiece of constructivism; with a variety of residential buildings from constructivist buildings, houses of standard series, and brick houses of different periods.
The image of the residential development with a central theater and industrial zones is depicted on the floor of the platform hall. The image of the lost grove is created under the central arch of the platform hall from the schematic tree crowns overlapping each other. The image of a constructivist window is created by the black diagonal of granite, cutting through the pylons of the platform hall, and the luminous grid of glass blocks - materials that have received a new interpretation thanks to modern technologies.

Strelka KB. Design of the metro stations
Russia, Moscow
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