Metro Station Rzhevskaya

The main the idea of the station Rzhevskaya, which is located near the the Riga railway station is the sea behind the pine trees. As the starting point for the journey to the Baltic sea, this station will present the image of sights, which await the traveler at the end of a journey. The north pines along the road, neat houses, and seagulls over the waves. Riga station has changed its name several times - opened as Vindavsky station by architect Stanislav Brozovskogo in 1901, in 1930 it was renamed as “Baltic”, from 1942 – Rzhevsky, and finally got the name «Riga» in 1946. Now the last two names are reflected in the names of metro stations «Riga» and «Rzhevskaya» which are two sides of the same coin –the gate to the icy Baltic sea.The image is based on a history. More than a century of traveling by train from Leningrad(Spb.) and Riga directions were associated with the used decorative elements. Pines cover in the platform hall above the shore help to navigate in the croud. Houses and wooden benches with tables are made for rest and relaxation. The walls of the platform hall look kire frozen waves, with crystal spray and seagulls.

Modern technologies of processing and ecological materials allow the use of natural stone – granite and marble, glass and ceramics. Different materials create three-dimensional panels, seamlessly embedded lighting systems, lighting navigation, information resources and device engineering networks and systems.

Strelka KB. Design of the metro stations
Russia, Moscow
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