Venetian school of arts and crafts

This school should be a reflection of the traditions of old crafts and to convey the atmosphere of the art and architecture of this unique city, a masterpiece of the Mediterranean.
Giardini, in which between the trees are pavilions that host each year’s Biennale, with works by the best contemporary artists and architects have become a way of formation of the space of this school of crafts – around wonderful trees growing in the garden, on three floors of the new building creates a creative environment for hosting workshops of the ancient city of crafts: a glass workshop, papier-mache and textile workshop; multi-purpose exhibition area, a library with a bookstore and a large transformable multi-functional audience.

The architecture of the modern building of the school of crafts becomes a modern interpretation of the Venetian tradition, respect and admiration for the historical heritage, protecting the area the red brick fence is saved as the perfect raincoat for school buildings, which act as its new facades – solid brick of a plane with a pattern of rhombuses volume, multi-faceted glass «flowers» growing around the trees on the site, with a tiled multi hipped roof with projecting eaves.

Proportions, divisions and pattern of facades and roofs of the school of crafts becomes a reflection of the history and culture of the places, theatres, museums, exhibitions and historical buildings of Venice.
The school will become not only the educational center of the ancient city of crafts, but also a place of culture, which needs to be designed so that it created the attraction. Thus was born the idea of the school of crafts as a multifunctional object, not only as the educational center and of leisure.
The idea of the school of crafts will be able to solve the urban problem of the formation of the internal structure of the Cannaregio district; - to create the color accent of the quarter, which is perceived to be static and in the dynamics of side channels, bridges and internal passages; - to bring culture and architectural memory in a residential area in the form of individual external appearance of the building referring to the historical palaces, with its graphics and colours, which is now seen as an absolute classic.

This school was designed as a comfortable and public open space for students and residents as an educational and recreational center where you not only learn, but also to relax, socialize, have fun. The school has integrated many functions: teaching students the craft workshops, leisure - you can see an exhibition arranged in space multi-purpose exhibition hall on the 2nd floor and a multipurpose auditorium on the 3rd floor of the building; listen to a lecture or a concert in the library on the 1st floor or multi-purpose auditorium on the 3rd floor; buy Souvenirs in the shop on the 1st floor near the main entrance to the school.
The school is functionally divided into three sections – warehouse, educational and public linked short convenient horizontal and vertical connections.

The storage unit is located separately on the 1st floor next to the historical entrance from the canal side, where provides main download materials for craft workshops, for store, exhibits for exhibitions.

Academic unit located on all floors of the building: glass workshop 1 is located on the 2nd floor there are the workshop of papier-mache and textile workshop, on 3 floor of a multifunctional transforming audience.
Public block is placed on all three floors: on the 1st floor near the entrance hall is a library with a store and a closet; the 2nd floor features multi-purpose exhibition platform; 3 floor multipurpose auditorium; toilets (male, female and disabled) and showers on all floors of the building.

In opposite corners of the building are two double staircases with the lighting through the stained glass courtyards and a panoramic lift.

Italia, Venezia, Calle Venier
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