Zagorye school | 825

The 825-seat school in the new residential area of Zagorye in Biryulyovo Vostochnoye on the outskirts of Moscow, located next to the MKAD, is designed as the social core of a residential quarter on the banks of the Upper Biryulevsky Pond.

The social core of the quarter was developed as a comfortable and public space for students and residents. Zagorye 825. The school is an educational and leisure center for residents with open spaces where they not only study, but also relax, communicate, and have fun. The school combines many functions: educational; leisure - you can drink coffee in the buffet and dining room, see the exhibition arranged in the recreation areas and the lobby on all 4 floors of the building, listen to a concert in the auditorium for 495 seats or a lecture in the media library; learn to dance in the hall for choreography, do gymnastics in the gym; take part in team competitions in a large sports hall.

The school is functionally divided into two blocks - educational and public, which remain open for everyone.

Russia, Moscow, Biryulyovo Vostochnoe district, md 3 Zagorye
2013 - 2014
Land area
3,5486 ha
Built area
8974,00 m²
Total area
24817,13 m²
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