Yazovo school | 825

The 825-seat school building project is designed for conditions of dense urban development, with a minimized building area of 4616.76 m2 with a building height of 4 floors. The building is a U-shaped single volume with dimensions in the axes of 82.8 x 63.4 m, 2-4 floors high, with a technical basement and a technical attic. The height of the above–ground floors is 4.2 m, the small sports, choreographic, and dining halls are 6.3 m; the auditorium is 8.4 m; the large sports hall is 10.5 m. The height of the technical basement floor is 2.6 m. The level of the clean floor of the first floor was adopted with a mark of 0.15 m from ground level in the central part of the building at the main entrance and at the entrance to the elementary school block. The structural scheme - frame-wall, with transverse and longitudinal load-bearing walls, allows you to use the principle of flexible open-plan.

On the ground floor, there is a block of primary classes, a block of the main entrance with an entrance group, a security room, a wheelchair storage room, a central lobby, a wardrobe for students in grades 5-9, a wardrobe for students in grades 10-11, a wardrobe for primary school teachers and staff, bathrooms for primary school students, an elevator hall with two passenger elevators; a medical block, a block of gyms with a small gym with dimensions of 9x15 m, a choreography studio with dimensions of 12x12 m, a block of technology study rooms (labor training), a dining room block with a dining room for 275 seats and a kitchen block with utility rooms.

On the second floor there is: a separate block with primary school rooms for grades 2-4, a large sports hall with dimensions of 18x30 m, located above the block of gyms on the 1st floor, forming together with them a separate vertically separated compartment, an auditorium block for 495 seats, a block of free creativity, a streaming auditorium.

On the third floor there is: a separate block with classrooms and classrooms of the main school for grades 5-9.

On the fourth floor, there is a separate block with classrooms and classrooms of the high school for grades 10-11, specialized classrooms of the main school, an administrative block, and a balcony of a large sports hall.

Russia, Moscow, Voskresenskoye, Yazovo village
ЗАО Язовская Слобода Инвест
2013 - 2014
Land area
2,44 ha
Built area
4616,76 m²
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