Levoberezhnaya school | 1900

The project of the school building for 1900 children is made for dense urban conditions. The building area is also minimized. The main volume has a complicated plan and is 130x100 m in axes. It is 5 floor high, including a basement and the technical upper floor. The structural scheme is frame-wall. The intersection of transverse and longitudinal walls allows to use the variative and flexible space.

On the site are located: - the main projected school building for 1,900 seats with three separate dispersed entrances for elementary school, for primary school and for high school and staff; - the existing school building built in 1962; - recreation area of elementary school; - recreation area of secondary school; - recreation area of high school (amphitheater); physical culture and sports area with a football field, a basketball court and a playground with exercise equipment; - an area with treadmills; - an economic area with a place for loading a food unit and a garbage collector of the projected school for 1,900 seats; - an economic area with a place for loading a food unit and a garbage collector of an existing school - a landscaped area including lawns, flower beds, shrubs and trees.

In the new video, you can see the details of the structure of the school and the observation of the interior space. Author of the video: Korchagin Danil Sergeevich

Russia, Moscow, Levoberezhny district, Valdai Passage, 14/1
2018 - 2021
Land area
3,0225 ha
Built area
7495,00 m²
Total area
33363,33 m²
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