Rasskazovka school | 1650

The school is an educational and leisure center for residents with open spaces where they not only study, but also relax, communicate, and have fun.

The school roof is designed as a parabolic dome, with the help of which the third and fourth floors will receive additional lighting. There will also be a winter garden, an aquarium, and a psychological relief zone for students.

It is an original type of public space that brings together not only schoolchildren and teachers but also residents of the quarter. That is why this school was designed primarily as a multifunctional complex with transforming premises and large open areas: classrooms and classrooms on 4th floor settle around the recreation halls, the auditorium, and the library hall with a media library has a foyer.

The large auditorium accommodates 790 people. It has a separate entrance, which makes it accessible to residents of the new building district. It is a concert hall with an impressive stage, orchestra seats, a mezzanine, and balconies.

Russia, Moscow, Rasskazovka village, quarter 5, 14
УК Эверест Эссет Менеджмент
2014 - 2016
Land area
3,5486 ha
Built area
7282,6 m²
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