Nekrasovka school | 1100

The school in the new residential area of Nekrasovka is designed as the social core of the residential quarter, as a comfortable and public space for students and residents.

Urban planning and architectural solutions of the school project provide, first of all, the creation of a public center of a residential quarter with educational and leisure functions for residents, with a comfortable barrier-free environment for joint (integrative) education and upbringing of healthy children and children with disabilities and comply with all applicable design standards.

The compact spatial layout of the building makes it possible to optimally place the project on sites that are complex in configuration and relief in the cramped conditions of the urban environment of the metropolis.

The individual appearance of the building is achieved by the harmonious proportionality of the main volumes of the building and the expressive coloristic solution of the facades: monochrome black and white are chosen as the base colors; the central part with the main entrance group is solved in red. These three colors serve as a background for groups of multicolored figures of people.

The stylistic solution of the facades tactfully refers to the work of Vadim Sidur, an outstanding Soviet artist, sculptor and avant–garde artist. Just as the figures of his sculptural compositions protest against war and violence in the modern world, the figures of people on the facades of the school confront, fight with the inhumane scale of multi-storey residential development. Their multicolour and individuality are designed to act as a contrast to the faceless and monochrome typical architecture of residential areas.

The idea is also to disrupt the homogenous visual environment that is uncomfortable for humans, which is inherent in the organization of multi-window facades of panel residential buildings. The problem of perception of such an environment consists in the absence of any accents of visual perception in it and the inability of vision to fix, isolate one fragment among a large number of them. In this aspect, the school building acts as a coloristic accent of the quarter, perceived both in static and when driving along inter- and intra-block driveways.

Russia, Moscow, Nekrasovka district, 7
2015 - 2018
Land area
1,93 ha
Built area
5169,40 m²
Total area
16010,62 m²
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