Renovation with the adaptation

Comprehensive restoration and adaptation of the Moscow City Palace of Children's (Youth) Creativity with the creation of a barrier-free environment

The main idea of this work is to create a barrier-free environment accessible to all during the comprehensive restoration of the complex of buildings and structures of the Moscow City Palace of Children's (Youth) Creativity, which is under state protection in accordance with the Security Obligation for the immovable Monument of History and Culture dated 07/23/2003 No. 16-04/1491 "Palace of Pioneers and Schoolchildren named after the 40th anniversary of the All-Union Pioneer organization. 117978 Moscow, Kosygina str., 17, bldg. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11".

The functional purpose of the premises of the buildings of the Palace of Creativity, the planning structure have been preserved for 50 years almost unchanged, in accordance with the security obligation, the premises of the Palace are used for the original purposes, while the planning structure no longer meets safety standards, many rooms located on all floors, except the first, are inaccessible to disabled and disabled people, this deprives them of the opportunity to participate in the circle and educational work of the Palace of Creativity. The equipment that was the most modern and advanced during the construction of the Palace of Pioneers is now outdated.

The main idea of the restoration of the Moscow City Palace of Children's (Youth) Creativity is the manifesto of the team of authors who developed the project 50 years ago – "In the Palace, the child meets science and technology, art and sports, the real and the fantastic. Everything here should be interesting and instructive, convenient and beautiful. And the architecture of the building itself, its artistic image are designed to contribute to the education of a new person." The authors contrasted the idea of their project – new and progressive, the adaptation of old buildings of mansions and palaces for the Homes of pioneers. And if we do not revive the main meaning and core of this project – the idea of progress and modernity, convenience and comfort for everyone, we will not be able to preserve this monument as it was conceived.

Russia, Moscow, Losinoostrovskaya str., 27
2010 - 2011
Land area
44,3612 ha
Built area
17974,0 m²
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