Paris Pavilion.The art of peace

The soul of a city, a pavilion in Paris.

War and peace always accompany the development of mankind. War often means death, but not always. The concept of the pavilion is designed, on the one hand, to show the tragedy of the permanent existence of war zones on planet Earth, and on the other hand, to show that the world is always stronger.

The structural basis of the pavilion is a metal frame sheathed with black wooden slats. The texture of the slats resembles burnt wood. In terms of the pavilion is an elongated rectangle along the main axis. The rooms are arranged in a suite and strung on an axis - the "red line of fate". This is an architecturally highlighted narrow strip path. The path starts outside the territory and leads visitors through all the rooms of the pavilion. The first room is a circular film panorama. Here, in one half, a documentary chronicle of the military actions of various countries is broadcast. On the other half, educational films about different parts of our planet, peoples, architectural monuments, etc. are shown. Following further along the red line, visitors enter the lecture hall, which can also be used as a concert hall. The last room is a cafe and an open public area.

Open exhibition space is organized on the left side of the pavilion. Reproductions on military subjects are proposed to be printed on triangular mesh canvases. So they will be perceived as fragments, mirages of war. They will remind you of her constant neighborhood.

The space to the right of the pavilion is organized smartly. It symbolizes the flow of peaceful life, with its everyday joys, holidays, and simple human happiness. It is conceived as a living testimony to the peaceful course of life: people fall in love, get married, they have children - this is the world, this is our future. There is a playground for children's games, festive photo shoots, an open cafe, and a place for quiet rest.

Archasm. Paris Peace Pavilion
France, Paris
Land area
0,2 га
Built area
454.2 m²
Total area
454.2 м²
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