Venice Architecture Biennale 2016

The exposition of EL LISSITZKY SCHOOL, based on the implemented project of the school in mkr. Moscow, located in the Palazzo Mora.

Social architecture is shown as an architecture of opportunities and the return of culture to the typical residential environment of the former suburbs of Moscow. This project reflects the idea of the school as a multifunctional facility - not only an educational center, but also a leisure center, based on the traditions of constructivist clubs of the first third of the XX century.

The ideas of the Russian avant-garde can be traced in the external appearance of the complex. The wall exposition and layout, as well as the space-planning solution of the building and its facades are dedicated to the work of the outstanding artist and architect El Lisitsky.

One of the tasks in the design was to translate the suprematist compositions and book graphics from the plane of the book that returned from Dresden in 1967 to the Moscow architectural environment into the space of the architectural volume of the social building and its interiors, furniture and equipment. The book itself, containing ideas that have survived through time and space and finally found existence in an object in Moscow, is also present in the exhibition.

The virtual tour can be viewed on the website of the European Cultural Centre (ECC) - Palazzo Mora

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