Venice Architecture Biennale 2018

The opportunity to do what you love is a dream that can fill any person's life with meaning, show him the path of development and give him a social role. The architecture of any building, private or public, can be the starting point for the realization of this dream, the start from which a person's life can find meaning. Kindergartens and schools are centers of culture and science among residential neighborhoods, the reflection of the creativity of great artists and sculptors will be able to decorate their facades, folk crafts will be revived in their educational workshops, in which from early childhood children, together with teachers, classmates, seniors and parents, will be able to get into the magical world of creativity. We know that the atmosphere of creativity will be an incentive for discoveries in educational scientific laboratories in physics, chemistry.

The virtual tour can be viewed on the website of the European Cultural Centre (ECC) - Palazzo Mora

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