Modular home

A person changes as he goes through life - his minimum necessary Space changes with him. What should the house be like? Compact or spacious? Affordable or individually designed? Bright or restrained? Our house can be any and all of the above at once.

Houses for living that meet universal values: simplicity and functionality of the volume, which at the same time has the necessary comfort, naturalness of materials that can age beautifully are not robots or clones, they are like people: with character, style and age.

A simple traditional form of the plan is a 4x4m square and a 4x2.4m rectangle for modules. The modernist volume created by the roof unfolded diagonally, large windows. The height of the skate is 5.2 m. The roof is made of straw. The frame is made of wooden beams. The walls are made of plywood and wooden boards, with insulation. The volumes of houses can embrace – join their sides. Doors and windows are wooden frames with wooden board and glass filling.

Unit. The man is young and full of energy, active and building a career. It is different. Houses are also different units: 22 is a house with a warm heart, thoughtful and living in harmony with itself and nature. Inside it is a brick three–sided furnace with a chimney. On the mezzanine – a place for the soul to look at the stars overhead. There is a kitchen with a wood-burning stove and a gas burner-tile, a combined bathroom with a bio toilet, a wooden font-bath and a tub-sink. Rainwater is collected using the slopes of the thatched roof in barrels, filtered and filled with pitchers.

House 12 is a walking wind, a traveler. He can move behind the owner on an autopatform with dimensions of 6x2.4 m. Both of them are autonomous and independent and adapted to weather conditions.

Couple. Two units that have met each other among thousands is a great reason for transformation.

Family. Thanks to the well-thought-out layout and spatial solution, houses 22 and 12 can be joined by side walls from any side, swing doors with stained glass in this case unite the space and create a comfortable living environment, and dynamic pitched roofs help to create numerous variations from two or more modules.

Commune. A person is an accomplished person, home and family are an absolute and paramount value. All the close ones are nearby, thanks to the layout of the modules in a single linear volume, with a flowing interior space. Grown-up children can also go on their own journey, starting a cycle in a circle.

Russia, Tula region, Yasnaya Polyana Ecopark
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