Metro Station Nizhniye Mnevniki

To create a memorable architectural object, the image of the construction site and the surrounding buildings are of fundamental importance. As of today, the final plan of the Mnevnikovskaya floodplain has not been approved, the only determining factor of the place is the river itself and the location of the metro station next to it, which we consider through the prism of V. Kandinsky's theoretical work "Point and line on a plane", as a graphic representation of the line – the Moscow River and the point - the metro station "Nizhni Mnevniki" with near the river by significant objects of the city.

"What could be considered a point on an empty background becomes a plane if a very thin line appears next to it on the main plane" - it is according to Kandinsky that the thin line of the Moscow River forms the architectural plane of the presented concept of the Nizhny Mnevniki metro.

The passages are lined with irregular geometric slabs of light gray marble. The seams of the plates form a barely noticeable, unobtrusive graphic pattern of inclined lines, giving dynamics to monotonous planes. The floor is finished with gray granite. The bottom of the walls is finished with contrasting black granite, forming a visual guide along the transition. The elevator for access to the level of the cash room is lined with red panels. Such a contrasting "noticeable" color solution was adopted for the convenient orientation of passengers.

Above the train tracks, the Moscow River is depicted as a symbol of the first transport route of the city. The side planes of the box located above the tracks are used as exhibition areas. The authors of the concept propose to place on one side of the platform the competitive projects of the Palace of Soviets in Moscow (1931-1933), on the other side of the platform - the competitive projects of the Parliamentary Center in Mnevnikovskaya floodplain – as a reflection of history and modernity.

The halls, like the platform, are designed in light gray tones with accents - interspersed with red. The color highlights the places of increased attention and stylistic dominants. The key element of the interior are the columns: lined with black marble, with white illuminated grooves, which give the interior solemnity and visually increase the height of the ceiling. The final element of the concept is a luminous composition of geometric bodies suspended in the two-light space of the escalator zone.

Strelka KB. Design of the metro stations Nizhni Mnevniki and Terekhovo
Russia, Moscow
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