Low-rise residential buildings

Type 1 - 2-story individual residential building with dimensions of 6 × 12 m with a flexible planning structure that allows, depending on the needs of the household and the number of its members, to change the internal layout and the total area of the building from 80.15 m2 to 116.70 m2. Access to an individual plot of 288.0 m2 is provided;

Type 2 - a cluster of 2-story individual residential buildings, consisting of several residential cells (from 2 to 8), connected on one or two sides, with the number of cells in the block from 2 to 8.

Type 3 - a blocked 2-story residential building, consisting of 16 cells with dimensions of 6 × 12 m, blocked on 2 or 3 sides in a closed volume with a flexible cell structure that allows to change the internal layout and the total area of the building from 63.95 m2 to 97.40 m2 with an individual entrance from an individual plot of 108.0 m2 and access to a common courtyard of 144 m2;

Type 4 - 4-story residential building, consisting of 24 apartments, 6 apartments on each floor from a studio to a 4-room apartment, with an area of 450 m2, apartments from 25 m2 to 109 m2, with an operational roof terrace of 203 m2, with entrance from the common space and access to separate plots of 36 m2.

The premises of shops, cafes, and consumer services enterprises are located on the 1st floor of 4-story residential buildings and in attached buildings on the trading area.

Low-rise building model. Strelka КБ
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