Nizhegorodskaya primary school | 300

A block of primary classes for 300 places of places in an established residential area in the south of Moscow, located on Nizhegorodskaya Street, was designed as the social core of this residential area, on the site of a demolished five-story residential building next to the territory of an existing school for 550 places, built according to a standard project.

Near the site of the elementary school block, in the square between it and Nizhegorodskaya Street, there is a monument to the fallen soldiers of the Second World War, which imposed strict requirements on the space-planning and color solutions of the new building.

The project uses the latest trends in the field of creating a modern educational and subject-developing environment to ensure the high quality of the educational process. The spatial planning solutions of the building and its facades are dedicated to the architect Le Corbusier, made of fiber cement panels on a steel frame, and panels of volumetric ceramics are used in the central part of the building.

The unique appearance of the architectural building is reflected in the interiors, their color solutions, furniture, and equipment.

Russia, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod Street, 75
2013 - 2014
Land area
1,63 ha
Built area
1333,0 m²
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