Kindergarten Chagal | 350

“I protest against the terms fantasy and symbolism. Our inner world is real, perhaps even more real than the world around us" 
Marc Chagall

The kindergarten project was developed for the territories of New Moscow. The building with a three-dimensional solution in the form of a «broken» rectangle is designed for 350 student places. The plot theme of the facades is dedicated to the work of the artist, M. Chagall. The idea is to create an atmosphere of a place with the help of facade plastics when the facade becomes a “kaleidoscope”, through which “glasses of time” are visible from different sides.

Russia, Moscow, Vnukovskoye, Rasskazovka village, quarter 7
УК Эверест Эссет Менеджмент
2014 - 2016
Land area
0,7 ha
Built area
1249,5 m²
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