Kindergarten Svoboda | 250

The kindergarten for 250 places in the established residential area of Severnoye Tushino in the north-west of Moscow, located on Svoboda Street, is designed as the social core of the new residential quarter LIFE-Skhodnenskaya, inscribed in the established fabric of the city.

The project uses the latest trends in the field of creating a modern educational and subject-developing environment to ensure a high quality of the educational process: transformable partitions are used as a means of creating a flexible environment, the groups are equipped with mobile and functional furniture, interactive and multimedia equipment, which allows for a comfortable environment for the comprehensive development of children.

The facades in the project are dedicated to the work of the artist Man Ray and are made of fiber cement panels on a steel frame. As a result, a mosaic effect is created, the image is not "painted" on the facade — it is its structural part. It creates an environment for the development of the child, his creative abilities, and his imagination. The unique appearance of the architectural building is reflected in the interiors, their color solutions, furniture, and equipment.

Russia, Moscow, Northern Tushino, st. Freedom, 63
СК Пионер
2013 - 2015
Land area
0,64 ha
Built area
1253,17 m²
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