Kindergarten Heart of the Capital | 225

A project was developed for the center of the residential complex "Heart of the Capital". The three-story volume is designed in the shape of a heart. The kindergarten for 225 children integrates into the existing environment and creates a colorful accent. The building is lined with finely cut scarlet concrete tiles. The blank walls are rhythmically broken by stained-glass windows.

The total area of the building is about 3 000 m2. Closer to the first floor there are health and support facilities, and on the second and third floors, there is a developing and educational block. It includes a music and sports hall and circles that can be combined into a single hall. On the territory, there are playgrounds for each of the groups.

Russia, Moscow, Shenogina Street, 1, Shelepikhinskaya emb., 34
АО Дон-Строй Инвест
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