Kindergarten Kurkino | 190

The reuse project (PR-8-190) is for dense urban development with a minimum building area and a building height of 3 floors. Rectangular in the plan, a single volume has dimensions of 52.7 x 20.8 m. The structural scheme of the building (frame wall, with transverse and longitudinal load-bearing walls) allows you to use the principle of free planning.
At the level of the first floor, health-improving institutions and groups of early age are concentrated, and at the level of the second and third floors there are educational and development rooms and groups of middle and senior preschool age. The swimming pool with a bathtub of 4.5x6 m is located on the 1st floor, which ensures the convenience of installation and maintenance of all engineering equipment.

In addition to the main building, the project includes the layout and landscaping facilities: play areas with shade canopies, two sports grounds, as well as an area with flower beds, and a lawn in front of the main entrance.

The coloristic solution of the facades is based on the contrast of the dark gray background color and bright rectangular and square spots surrounding window openings and stained glass windows. The apparent randomness in the alternation of colors and the size of the spots give the building a dynamic character. The exterior walls are made of fiber cement panels and porcelain stoneware on the base.

Russia, Moscow, Kurkino district, md 2
2012 - 2013
Land area
0,59 ha
Built area
1253,17 m²
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