Kindergarten Zajcevo | 190

"Proun is an interchange station on the way from painting to architecture. Its essence lies in passing through the stages of concrete creativity, and not on research, clarification and popularization of life"

Adaptation to the site of the PR-8-190 reuse project, designed for conditions of dense urban development with a minimized building area and a building height of 3 floors. Rectangular in plan, a single volume has dimensions of 52.7 x 20.8 m. The structural scheme of the building (frame-wall, with transverse and longitudinal load-bearing walls) allows you to use the principle of free planning. The kindergarten building has a compact layout and a set of all the necessary facilities for the full development and education of 190 children aged 1.5 to 7 years. Including a swimming pool, two halls, a full-cycle food hall.

The kindergarten is dedicated to the architect, the master of the Russian and world avant-garde Lazar Markovich Lisitsky and his experimental spatial compositions of elementary geometric forms, which he called prouns ("Projects of the approved new").

Inspired by the ideas of L. Lisitsky, the architects "dressed" the simple shape of the building in a geometric "dress" of the facade, boldly experimenting with color, creating optical effects and "breaking" the plane of the facade in such a way that the kindergarten turns into an art object, the center of attraction of a neighborhood with a typical multi-storey building. It becomes a whole world for children - a space of experiments.

Russia, Moscow, Zhavoronkovskoe, Zaitsevo village
ООО Жилая Среда
2012 - 2013
Land area
0,59 ha
Built area
1253,17 m²
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