Venice Architecture Biennale 2023

Architecture around us as a hope of the best future for our children and us. 

Today, many barriers divide people ­– politics, religion, national traditions, level of education. Every person lives in his own closed inner world and sees everyone who is different as an enemy.

We believe that the architecture of educational spaces networked together will be a laboratory of the future, world history and culture, advanced technology and nature, creativity and philanthropy that can create a better future for our children and us.

We need to create a new laboratory of the future for meeting of most people, such as schools. We came here at first as a little child to learn, then as a parent to send children to school, and finally, as a grandparent, to pick up the grandchildren after school, in this way we can see both the creation of the future and its realization in the present.

If we create wonderful spaces-laboratories with high trees and bright flowers, sky and stars above our heads, where different people are taking care of your development, it will be an important step towards the emergence of a new dream of the future.

Not so long ago, it was difficult to imagine the sky and nature inside the buildings because of the frost and heat outside. Today, it has become possible with the help of innovative technologies and materials. Modern transparent walls stop the cold, protect people from the heat, and allow light and nature to enter the building.

Tomorrow we will create a new reality of school buildings by using the transformation of multi-level spaces, three-dimensional images, to fill it sounds, controlled by changing light and color and even add a smell of a garden or a wind blowing from the sea.

We create new schools as chains of spaces for research, laboratories for creativity, not dividing it into exterior and interior. A single environment is friendly, surprising and changeable. Spaces that bring together the beautiful discoveries of the past and use the technology of the present to find a better future ­– for us and our children.

We can give children winter and summer at the same time in neighboring schoolyards for recess and playing with friends, the culture of the past and insights into the future in the multifunctional spaces of the halls, new technologies in the science laboratories.

We will teach educational spaces to change: to divide and unite, to speak to us in different languages as one, to let in light giving openwork shadows.

We will create school laboratories as a molecule of new life for everyone without barriers, restrictions in space, light, sound, language.

Through our architecture, we teach children and their parents to dream of a beautiful future in educational spaces in schools, and they can go further to create their own better world.

Italy, Venice
"Time Space Existence". Venice Architecture Biennale 2023
Size L x W x H
4830 x 650 x 3700 mm
Plywood, epoxy resin, dried flowers, gold leaf, glue, led lamps
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