The Bridge for emotions

Концептуальное решение. Международный архитектурный конкурс AC-CA

О проекте

The Emotional Bridge offers an own way for everyone:

— Pedestrians, who are in a hurry, could use the shortest way across the river. There is also a possibility to grab a cup of coffee or to buy a patch in a convenience store.

— Terrace of love have a fence with fidelity locks and a wishing tree with ribbons .It will be a great place for everyone who is in love.

— Artists and tourists can enjoy the spectacular view on an observation deck — For those who is finding solitude, the bridge offers a terrace near the water with a place for meditation.

— Everyone who is interested in culture could pay a visit to a hall for a cinema and music concerts. The distinctive thing about this hall, that is flying over the water

— In addition, there is an outdoor amphitheater for live shows and performances.


Адрес: Ирландия Дублин
Проектирование: июнь 2016